Last year I did a post about thankfulness and after re-reading it, I’m still just as thankful for all the things I listed (and I realize that I can write well at times!!!).

2012 has been an incredible year for Anthony and I. We were fortunate enough to move into a brand new place, visit North Carolina, see Taylor graduate with honors from OU and Noah receive his eagle scout, WE WENT TO THE UK!!!!, made our way up to Boston for a weekend and survived both a hurricane/superstorm and a nor’easter with snow within a week of each other. My mom has visited a few times, I hosted several baby showers, I started running, my brother got married!!, our garden was much more successful this year than last, and overall life has been great! We are truly blessed and thankful for everything!

I hope this Thanksgiving, you my dear clients, are blessed 100 fold, that you get to spend time with family (and/or friends!), and that you have a relatively stress-free holiday season. Thank you to each and every one of you for allowing me to pursue my dream – I wouldn’t be where I am without each of you!

A few fall instagram photos that I can’t help but share. The second photo was taken last weekend after Sandy and the nor’easter blew through. I seriously cannot believe so many trees kept their leaves, and managed to turn beautifully several weeks later.



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