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sir george | princeton newborn photographer

Alison + David welcomed Sir George days before Easter, with the uncertainty of job prospectives all over the country, while both finishing up master degrees. Seriously, could they be any more perfect?!?! It’s no surprise that walking into their home it’s beautiful, airy, + 100% homey, which made for the best background for lifestyle newborn photos. I can’t believe that within days they will be moving onto the next chapter in their lives in Alabama. I sure am going to miss this family.

Kim Schmidt is an on-location lifestyle newborn photographer serving Princeton, Hopewell, Skillman, Kingston, Hamilton, Bordentown, and the surrounding New Jersey areas. If you are expecting a babe, reach out around 34 weeks to get your newborn session on my calendar.


kaleigh+matt+jesse | princeton newborn photographer

As I mentioned in their maternity session post, I was blown away by Kaleigh+Matt. By their love for one another, for their love of the babe growing inside, + for the Lord. When I arrived at their home for their newborn session, it felt comfortable. It felt like we were old friends. Mr. J ended up spending time in the NICU, after arriving at 34 weeks. One thing that Kaleigh + I spoke about towards the end of our session is how amazing the nurses were in the NICU, how the nurses basically taught them how to efficiently change diapers, dress, + feed J. While that time was extremely trying for them, I love that we still were able to capture J’s newness, his sweet disposition, + all the love between the three of them!

Kim Schmidt is an lifestyle newborn photographer, serving Princeton, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, Hamilton and Bordentown, New Jersey. If you are expecting a babe, I suggest reaching out around the 28-30 week mark of your pregnancy to get your newborn session scheduled.


christmas eve | central jersey child photographer

It was important for my mom when I came back on Christmas Eve to get a few photos of her with her grandchildren, that she + my dad are so courageously raising as their own now. It hasn’t been an easy road for my nephews, but the one thing that has been constant in their lives is my parents (Sassy + Papa). I wish my dad had been home when we were taking these photos, but he was running around getting the last minute items for Christmas morning (wink wink!!)

It isn’t hard to tell that Rylan is ornery as the day is long (see photos from last Christmas). He loves to pick on his older brother, goes a million miles a minute, makes crazy faces, then crashes hard! Randon has turned into a lovebug as of late. What I loved about when we were in Disney, he was adamant about holding at least one person’s hand when we were walking anywhere. For a 9 year old, it felt like something that we were never going to experience. I got more hugs from him in Florida than probably the entire rest of his life.

I’m so very thankful for where they are now, in a safe, loving home. It’s apparent by interacting with them that they finally feel at home too!

Kim Schmidt is currently booking newborn, child, + family photo sessions for this spring. If you are in Princeton, Lawrenceville, Hopewell, Hamilton or Bordentown, please be in touch soon, as my schedule is limited this spring.


schmidt boys | oklahoma

The weather in Oklahoma over Christmas was wild. It was gorgeous on Christmas day, tornado warnings, then an ice storm two days later. The boys decided to go fishing after we were done celebrating with family – I’m so glad to have been able to capture some photos of their non-successful fishing excursion.

Every year I’m tasked to get new photos of the boys for a calendar that I put together for my mother-in-law. This year, we were a bit tight on time, as Noah was heading out with the Pride of Oklahoma to play during the football playoffs. These three, with different personalities, ages (they are spaced out every 6 years, with Anthony being the oldest), are somehow the best of friends now. I love that they laugh at themselves, especially when we take these photos each Christmas!


disney world 2015

Last Christmas, my family decided that in 2015 we would celebrate at Disney for the holidays. My nephews were finally at an age that they would both remember the trip. When my mom got ill last March, all the planning went out the door. At the end of June, my parents ended up gaining custody of the nephews. When that happened, my mom + I thought it would still be fun to go to Disney. Everyone minus my oldest brother was invited. With a turn of events, the trip ended up being my parents, the nephews, Anthony + I. My other brother + his wife stayed back in Oklahoma. While it would have been so great to have everyone there, we still had such a fun time! The boys were completely surprised, they thought they were coming to New Jersey to visit us! Even now when I talk to the boys, we speak about this trip, about which ride was our favorite. Mine was probably the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I have an adorable video of Rylan (the littlest guy) from the ride – I love re-watching it! Anthony’s was either Space Mountain or Mission Space (he’s quite obsessed with space these days!!). Randon’s favorite ride was the Astro Blaster at Magic Kingdom (I think we rode it at least 4 times!), Rylan’s was either Buzz Lightyear or Tower of Terror.

Overall, this trip to celebrate Christmas + birthday’s for both boys was extremely magical. It was so fun to see the excitement in their eyes throughout the entire trip.


brigid | west windsor newborn photographer

While I get asked time + time again if I have children of my own, especially at newborn sessions, my answer is always the same. Not at this time, but maybe one day. Parents + grandparents are always shocked to hear this, as I’m not afraid to hold, sush, calm, soothe, + pat a baby’s back/bottom until they are comfortable. I spent many years as a nanny + I feel like I have the magic touch. 🙂 I can almost always get a babe to sleep at our session!

At this newborn photo session with sweet Brigid, she was so content the entire time. I don’t believe I heard her cry one time. While I just realized that each image that I picked for this blog post has a wide eyed Brigid, she did actually sleep during our session! Many thanks to Heather + Jason for opening up their home right before the holidays!

Kim Schmidt Photography is an on location, natural light photographer, focusing on newborns, child + families, in the Princeton, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, East Windsor, Hamilton, and Bordentown areas. If you expecting, please reach out before the babe arrives, as my schedule is quite booked.

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