earth day 2011

In honor of my previous Earth Day posts (2009 and 2010) as well as my green post last month, I’m here to share a few more things we are doing. Please feel free to post anything you’ve changed to honor our Earth. Also, visit to make a pledge (it’s FREE!)

  • Last week while my mom was in town, as my birthday present, I received 5 pieces of All-Clad Stainless Steel cookware. I am in love with them! Why on earth did I have nonstick for so long? Now the dilemma is what to do with the nonstick pots and pans. They are in great condition. Anyone want them? I’ll sell them at a great price – there are 8 pots/pans + 6 lids!!
  • I believe we are approx. 95% plastic-free in our kitchen (minus things we buy at the store like yogurt, butter, etc.). This week, the Vietnam Vets came to pick up the last of our plastic leftover containers. I removed Suran Wrap, and replaced it with a natural wrap from Whole Foods.
  • I’ve removed all toxic cleaning chemicals from our home. We now use baking soda, vinegar, borax, lemons, Ecover and Seventh Generation products among many others. Our steam mop is still going strong so no chemicals are being placed on our floors at all.
  • I also have switched to Tom’s of Maine deodorant and toothpaste. I know that harmful chemicals are not entering my body through my armpits or mouth!
  • We are COMPOSTING!!! Anthony thinks I’m crazy but we keep the pot (which is a chamber pot that I got from the antique mall in Hopewell) under our sink. I try to empty it out every other day or so. Luckily, with our community garden, they have a great compost pile going that we add.
  • We have our little garden + we are participating in a CSA again this year to cut down on our carbon footprint. I also have a house plant in almost every room to reduce the toxins in our air, acting as a natural air purifier. And who doesn’t love to see something living indoors?
  • Although it’s not a stated policy in our home, I try to not eat meat of any kind several times a week. Being Catholic and observing Lent, Friday’s have been the designated day for the past few weeks along with other meals throughout the week. If you need some recipes for meatless meals, check out Meatless Monday!
  • Did you know that you can drop off your #5 plastics (yogurt, plant containers, etc.) at Whole Foods and other participating locations? Check out Gimme 5 for all the details! They turn them into toothbrushes, plates, and other kitchen items.
  • I haven’t purchased one yet, but have you heard of iGo? You can charge your electronics (phone, laptop, etc.) on the go without having to be plugged into the outlet! This saves on phantom power and your electric bill!
  • Instead of going out to purchase everything new, I have been hanging out at antique malls and thrift stores to see if I can find items that are on my wish list. I’ve been successful on several fronts, from new everyday drinking glasses, to baskets to hold our glass containers, to picture frames and more.
  • I also utilize the library systems like they are going out of style! Which is a good thing since I love to read!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a book new and when I do get a book, it’s either from a book sale or from paperbackswap.
  • Random tidbit I read recently: Did you know that you shouldn’t smash the crap out of aluminum soda cans if you are planning to recycle them? The machines at the recycling plants blast air to sort out the different components. If your can is smashed it’s heavier and the air won’t be able to blast it into the right bin. Just a food for thought!

And to close this post, some beautiful dogwood photos from the seminary campus!

Christina - April 22, 2011 - 3:03 pm

Sort of think I’m crazy, but I just ordered a Diva Cup, a reusable alternative to pads and tampons. More later, but I wanted to share in case you are interested… has a great sale today only, starting at 5.i

kelly g - April 26, 2011 - 10:16 am

You are so good, Kim. I am so impressed by all these steps you’ve taken!!!! XOXOXO

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