happy 2011!!!

Happy 2011 Everyone!!!! I was a little MIA while we were visiting family in Oklahoma, but I’m back and ready to share lots!!

First up are some photos of our nephews. I can’t believe it had been 4 months since I last saw them and boy have they changed, Rylan especially. He is no longer a baby but almost a 2 year old (he wishes he was a 4 year old pretty much every.single.day!)

We were losing light fast and they were holding on to dear life but I got it!

This is his wonderment and awe face at anything related to Christmas (lights, Santa, Christmas tree, etc.)

My goal for our trip home was to get a photo of my brother with his boys. And I would call this a success (with a smile out of Rylan!!)

The wind was so cold that afternoon and poor dude had rosy cheeks and tears coming out of his eyes – but I still love it!

If you follow me on facebook you may have seen a video I posted of Rylan saying monster. It’s the funniest thing ever and he was saying it right here. His eyebrows are so expressive which makes him even more precious! And Randon was being pushed by Daddy, maybe a little too high but still adorable!

When we got home, I was in such a hurry to get the boys photos that I forgot my laptop was out. Rylan is notorious for getting into things he shouldn’t so I had to put it away before he started throwing the ole terrible 2 tantrum! While putting the laptop up I found building blocks that were mine growing up. Oh my heavens, I had no idea how popular they would be with both boys. So much so that Randon became possessive of them and wouldn’t let Rylan play. (notice the i-pone next to Randon)

I must say that when I saw Rylan start staking the blocks up 5-6 high I was really impressed. Both of these boys have grown leaps and bounds since last March when my parents got custody of them. They attend daycare 5 days a week full time and it really is paying off!

Can you hear him screaming into the phone? Cause I sure can!

Kimberly - January 4, 2011 - 11:22 am

Kim these are all so perfect! You have captured the essence of their age perfectly. I feel like I was there. I love each and every one.

kelly g - January 7, 2011 - 10:26 am

These are precious. They look like such sweet boys and I can see why you love spending time with them! Great shots, Kim. Looks like a fabulous holiday!

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