away for the week

I will be in San Antonio for Imaging USA – a huge photography convention until Thursday January 20th. I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be able to check emails/voicemail, so please be patient until I can return them.

To follow along with my previous post, I wanted to get some photos of Anthony with his brothers while we were in Oklahoma to give to my in-laws (and grandmothers!). We were on a time crunch as Taylor (on the far right/gray sweater) had to get back to Norman for work and Noah (center/white sweater) was getting ready for a week at Boy Scout Camp, but thankfully they squeezed me in!

I do have to brag a little about Noah (you wouldn’t know it since he’s the tallest of the bunch but he’s the baby and a sophomore in high school!!!) – he will be an Eagle Scout by the beginning of this summer!!! He’s finished his project (a flagpole outside the church) and is now serving his 6 months in a leadership position. Once that is complete, he along with 3 other guys will be Eagle Scouts. We are super proud of him!!!


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