five on friday

1. Anthony + I are traveling quite a bit this fall (we are in Boston as I type.), if you are wanting a fall photo session, email me today! Weekend dates are filling up fast – there are only four dates left.

2. I’ve been cooking up a storm this summer/fall. Some of my favorite recipes are from Annie at Annie’s Eats. She is a rock star cook and I don’t believe I’ve made something from her blog that I didn’t like. You must check out her buns and pumpkin whoopie pies (fall is officially here so bring on the pumpkin!!!)

3. Bobby’s Burger Palace opened up recently at Market Fair. Holy moly, I won’t tell you how many times we’ve been (it’s a little embarrassing actually!). The burgers are pretty good and the fries with the amazing fry sauce – I practically dream about them! It’s within walking distance of us and I tend to make us walk there for punishment/exercise before we gorge ourselves silly! (and I secretly tell myself that since I continue to teach Zumba multiple times a week and run that I can be a little gluttonous!)

4. Last weekend we finished watching the first season of Downton Abbey. I remember hearing all the buzz when it was airing but we never put it on the TiVo. What were we thinking?!?! And why on earth did we not go see that home when we were in England?!?! Next year I say, next year.

5. If you are a fan on facebook you may have seen this photo already but I just realized I never shared photos from my brother’s and his new brides photo session. I will take care of that very soon – more photos from their session to come!!


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