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It’s been a little quiet around the blog but life has been CRAZY!!!

1. I got my wisdom teeth out two weeks ago yesterday and I’ve had some insane pain starting last Thursday. Come to find out I have a dry socket! So strange that it happened 7 days later but I believe we’ve gotten the pain under control with packing (I believe that’s what it’s called – I just hope it doesn’t come out again as I’ve been to the oral surgeon twice this week!!). Here’s to hoping I don’t have to visit Dr. Levine anytime soon!

2. We have started on our community garden. It will be the first year we’ve attempted to garden and I’ve been reading up a storm about the best ways to start seeds indoors to compost (luckily the community started the pile last year, but it’s nice to know when to actually use compost!) to what will grow best. We are going to do square foot gardening which essentially you block off square feet and this allows a more effective planting pattern if you are limited on space. We are actually splitting the plot with our neighbors which meant that space is definitely an issue.

3. Anthony has been on my tail about watching Dexter since Christmas and I finally caved in! We just finished season 1 last night and oh my goodness! I totally get the hype now. Although it’s not a scary show, I always think something awful is about to happen at every turn. Dexter is one messed up individual (or shall we say the writers are!). Moving on to season 2 very soon.

4. My mom is coming to visit for the annual birthday celebration on Wednesday! Last year it didn’t happen since my parents had gotten custody of my nephews only a few short weeks beforehand, so it’s a real treat that she has great support and help to come hang out with Anthony and I (and do some birthday shopping – looks like I’ll be getting several pieces of All-Clad cookware which I’ve been dreaming about for forever!)

5. The 2011 Spring Happenings Newsletter went out last week. If you want to be the first to know about specials and events, email me! Over the coming days, I will be posting photos of some incredible products including a large canvas a client ordered along with a beautiful album! Come back soon!!!

6. (extra!!!) Last week I went into NYC for a Zumba event and got to hang out with my friend Becky and her girls. They have a great apartment on the Upper East Side and before I left for the train, the girls were doing an “I Spy” book while I was finishing breakfast and Becky was showering. It was the sweetest moment that I just had to snap a few!!


becky - April 8, 2011 - 9:50 am

awww…I love it! And a big boo on the dry socket – that is really no fun at all. I remember.

Marla - April 14, 2011 - 12:27 pm

This b&w series of pictures is so cute of these girls!

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