nyc on halloween

Anthony and I went up to the city Saturday afternoon to see Tosh.0 on the Tosh Tour Twenty Ten at the Beacon Theatre. We had great seats and I even busted out my camera to get some photos of Daniel. He was hilarious and if you haven’t discovered his show on Comedy Central, you should totally watch it. He “analyzes” web videos and even does a web redemption which is almost always laugh-out-loud funny!

Also, if you want to see a treat, I’d recommend going into the City on Halloween. There were some very strange people out in all sorts of costumes. Most women were scantily dressed (started out at the train station with three “Disney” princesses wearing very little on a chilly, windy day – overheard them say they were by far the coldest people on the platform. Anthony and I were thinking they were the stupidest but whatever!) but it was fun to walk around seeing everyone being even crazier than normal!

We are starting our third year in NJ (how can that be!?!?!) and have pretty much explored as much of Manhattan as possible. We vowed to make our next trip be about Brooklyn. We woke up Sunday and headed that way! We walked around near the river and it was *freezing*. Gotta watch that wind! We ended our trip in DUMBO with pizza at Grimaldi’s. I’m not sure it was really worth the wait, but we had to try it either way.

Self Portrait Time!!!

Heather Byrd - November 5, 2010 - 10:07 am

Great pics! We LOVE Tosh.0! I have to turn my eyes away sometimes but it’s like a train wreck…I can’t help but watch:)

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