day one | princeton area photographer

On Thursday, we did some sight-seeing around Princeton. Starting at Princeton Seminary, we got a private presentation on old bibles from the Special Collections. Ken brought out a lectern that dates back to the 10th or 11th century. It was amazing to see it in the great condition it is. We also walked around Palmer Square and then heading over to Princeton University. We checked out the chapel and other buildings. I then cooked dinner for the first time in our new place. It will definitely take some getting use to the small spaces and the issue of water not boiling in a proper time frame. I was lucky that the pork tenderloin was just right and all the fixin’s were too!

Here is Anthony, Taylor, and Noah in the Main Lounge of Mackay Campus Center, PTS

Old Bibles

Love this Kopp’s Bicycle Sign. Mainly because the two wheels that are here have been there for years. They are intertwined and everything.

Up next, our day in Philadelphia. We are taking it easy today and then hitting it hard again tomorrow with NYC. Stay tuned all week for pictures!


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