The Schmidt’s Adventure – First Task Touring Princeton University

Anthony and I took a prospective student tour of Princeton University yesterday afternoon as part of our “The Schmidt’s Adventures” of the northeast.  We definitely aren’t prospective students but a lady from a book club I’m apart of told me about this tour.  It was interesting to hear more about the buildings that I pass daily on my way to work.  Our tour guide was a junior English major.  She LOVED everything about PU – the class size, the campus, the activities and groups (especially equestrian and tap dance), traveling to the Bahamas for 4 weeks last semester, living at Forbes College (aka a dorm), etc.  She went on and on about her love of everything.  It started to get annoying how enthuasiast she was about her university.  In closing of the hour long tour, she told us she wants to come back after she graduates and audit all the classes she couldn’t take.  So basically she wants to stay a student forever – don’t we all wish that.

For proof that we actually went on this tour here is part of our group.  Its a crappy photo taken with my P&S.


And documentation that we completed our first task; in front of Nassau Hall (again taken with the P&S).



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