Christmas Time in NYC

Our good friends Megan and Jathan came to visit us this weekend.  They both are pharmacists and don’t get much time to spend together due to their different schedules so this was a welcome vacation for them.  We spent Friday around Princeton, showing them the seminary and other areas.  Then we went to NYC on Saturday.  Anthony and I had always talked about doing NYC at Christmas time before we even thought we’d be living up here and yesterday we got to experience it.  The train ride in was packed, we walked from the front car to near the last train on the car.  But I’m just glad we had a seat!

I needed to use the bathroom and the line in Penn Station was long so I mistakenly said, oh let’s just go to Macy’s and I’ll use theirs.  HA!  First off it took us about twenty minutes to even find where the restroom is (its in the basement and finding a way to get to the basement is a trip in itself!)  Then there was a huge line, so I said screw it.  There were WAY too many people in that store.  We walked across the street to Gap and there was no line and we got to hear an 8th grade orchestra group from Kipp. They were incredible and to know that they all come from zero musical backgrounds is even more impressive. I was super excited to take some pictures and sure enough my batteries in my 5D died. I did have my p&s (point and shoot) with me but I said screw it at that point.

We then went over to the Empire State Building. The lines were illusions – just when you thought you were close to the elevators, you’d walk around the corner and there was another amusement park like line. But we did make it up to the 86th story (walking the last 6 floors since there was another line to get on the elevators. You can see a picture of Anthony and I up there below.

We also went to NYC Public Library and saw a group of carolers (mix of moms, dads, and kids). The little boy in the 1st collage was really funny to watch. He was barely singing and was paying more attention to all those walking by. We stopped by John Lennon’s Memorial in Central Park.  None of us realized until I read a poem placed there that he died on December 8th (which is tomorrow) which is why there were so many flowers there.  It was a very sombering moment.  Like I said, I read a poem that someone placed there.  I had the priviledge to read it aloud as there were two older ladies standing there that couldn’t see the words.  There were cuss words in the poem – that was akward for me to read but it was touching poem.

Lastly we stopped into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then ventured over to Rockefeller Center.  That was just a ZOO! We were able to get our pictures taken (which happen to the best from the whole day) and then went came back. It was a long day, but lots of fun.

We finished the day off watching our beloved OU Sooners kick some Missouri Tiger arse at our apartment. We’re going to the National Championship. 🙂

Kim - December 7, 2008 - 9:47 pm

I don’t ever recommend the city in December. I live near Paramus and drove over yesterday and even at 9 am I wanted to scream. Way too many people.

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