Sorry for the Inconvenience

We like our apartment – we really do. But sometimes it just sucks. Like getting locked out due to faulty key errors. Or when they decide to inconvenience us with exterior building repairs. It all started a few weeks ago when we noticed they were “demolishing” all the rock on the exterior of another building. Low in below we get the lovely notice below that they will be moving to our apartment building. Guess what? It started yesterday and began again this morning at 8am on our building. Now that wouldn’t normally bother me, but I have been feeling a little under the weather and had the day off today, so I was excited to get to sleep in a little. HA! Who was I kidding. And it didn’t help when waking up with a pressure headache. Anthony talked with the office today and they told him they were required to do this (whatever it be) from the township. These apartments are 3-4 years old depending on the building – I can’t believe this wasn’t addressed when they were building them. It really sucks for us (and those who have small children that nap during the day). Here is a little of the demo. They will be removing the wood and going all the way down to the insulation. Like I said, we aren’t even sure what they are doing, but it just seems really unnecessary.

Taken from our balcony – day 1.

Thank you for your understanding – Management!


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