OU/TX – 6 Years

I had meant to write this post on Thursday or Friday but time got away from me. All these pictures were on the external hard drive in our bedroom and I just never got to it. Unfortunately our team didn’t win this weekend but it doesn’t hurt to look back at the 6 years we’ve been together.

Anthony and I met down in Dallas, TX during the OU/TX football game in 2002. It was by chance that we were introduced by mutual friends. I had a broken foot, was in a boot, and made fun of it a lot. Thankfully Anthony (or should I say Andrew as I thought his name was) thought it was cute and funny as well.

This picture is us in the hotel room (room #2 since the first lost air conditioning) in 2002. I was already head over heels in love with him. 😛 (excuse the poor quality – its a scan!)

2003 – sophomore year at the actual game in the upper deck.

2004 – senior year

2005 – we flew back to go. Looking back at this picture – man we looked like crap! (and very pale!)

Looking at all these, somehow I’m always on his left – weird!

We don’t have pictures of 2006 through now because we didn’t go or celebrate much but imagine us in our Sooner gear in Nashville and Princeton.

Thanks for looking back with me!

Christie Adams - October 20, 2008 - 1:16 pm

what a sweet tradition…you need to take one this week for 2008!

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