Jersey Shore

Wednesday I went to the Jersey shore with a friend I met here, Amy. She just moved to Lawrenceville with her husband from California. He is teaching high schoolers at a boarding school. It was a nice break and who doesn’t love sitting on the beach enjoying the sound of crashing waves, crazy birds flying overhead, and a beautiful breeze? I only took these two pictures because I really was enjoying myself. The first one makes me chuckle – I mean who has the time to go for hours on the shore to treasure hunt? He had all the equipment you’d need – its an investment for sure.

Lynda Stauffer - September 30, 2008 - 12:25 pm

Where were you, Kim? Point Pleasant? Bay Head? I am Shelly Bissinger’s aunt. The pics of the girls are beautiful. I am from NJ, and grew up spending summers in Point Pleasant/Bay Head. The Jersey shore is like no other! However, I have come to love the SC beaches. The marshes and sand dunes are wonderfully photographic. Ask Shelly to show you some pictures. We were in North Litchfield together this summer.

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