Things We’ve Discovered in Princeton, New Jersey

We found a library and have already began to utilize it. I have also discovered that I was spoiled with the Nashville Public Library system. They are way ahead of the times with self checkout, ability to pick up your reserved books, and more. At the Mercer County Library system, the librarians get your reserved things and check you out. Now it wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have to wait forever for all those things to happen. I do like that books are easily available. I waited patiently for The 4 Hour Work Week for MONTHS and then right before our move I become #2. Well I have it in my possession now and I haven’t even had my library card for a week.

Grocery Stores: Let me tell you, I LOVED Publix in Nashville.  We had quite the relationship and I really do miss the store.  Last week I went to 3 different grocery stores within 10 miles of our place and I like 2 of them.  Depending on what I’m shopping for will depend on what store I will visit.  First up is Wegman’s. Now this store is incredible – they have a HUGE wine and beer store, lots of premade food, an incredible bakery, fish market, and all the other loads of stuff you may find at Whole Foods for “reasonable” prices. My friend Lauren who is originally from this area told me that Wegmen’s is becoming THE store with electronics and more. Now our store doesn’t have electronics but it does sell nice glassware and dishware.  The second store is Super Fresh. This is more like Publix to me, in that they run 2 for 1 deals all the time (which I LOVE!) and when I went it was quiet! There weren’t a ton of people there and it was a late Saturday afternoon which blew me away.

Last thing that I am more than ecstatic for is Pick Your Own Farms! They are everywhere here! After dinner this evening we decided to explore a little and found Stults Farm. We’re going back tomorrow with my camera and hopefully we’ll pick some veggies. It was almost 7pm when we got there and that’s the time they closed so we didn’t want to keep wondering around while they were trying to pack up. Prices are incredible and so worth the little drive to the farm. I will post pictures tomorrow evening because I’m just that excited!

Anthony and I both have job interviews on Friday morning, so keep your fingers crossed we get both of them. He’s applied to work at the PTS library and I’m almost positive he’ll get it! I’ve applied as a part-time nanny to help pay the bills before my business really starts to take off up here.

And I finally got the pictures off my point and shoot camera of the shower I attended before we left Nashville.  From left to right, Katie, Carrie, Kelly, and Myself.


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