Our New Place – Princeton, NJ

We arrived in Princeton Friday close to 5pm. It took us a total of 13 hours driving time, with a few stops for food, gas, and restaurant stops. I felt good about our time as mapquest told us it would be over 14 hours. Saturday morning we woke early (I mean I did and that in turn woke everyone up) to get prepared for the movers and what not.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get the keys to the apartment until 10am and the moving truck was set to arrive at 9:45.  HA – I made them wait this time!!  After we got the keys, Carlos asked if I had the money.  I told him I’d go write the check right now and that was a bad idea.  I needed a bank check, money order, or travler’s check.  So my mom and I went to locate a bank and by the time we got back it was almost 11am.  I made them wait another hour!!!  That made me happy since we waited all day Wednesday and then half the day Thursday for them.

It was a mad house for awhile, but by the time dinner rolled around we (as in my mom and I) had a lot of the apartment unpacked.  As you will see in the last one, Anthony and his buddy unpacked his office and then sat around watching Oklahoma football games we recorded last season.  I have even put up some of my own artwork in the dining room (no picture yet) and that just makes it feel like home.  We are enjoying the new place.  Its nice, new, and spacious.  The ceilings are high so that means there is a lot of extra storage in the closets, the bedrooms are decent size and I love the kitchen (which we have put all away – that is such a relief).

I took this first picture about 3pm in our living room and now there are only 4 boxes in there.  So that just shows the progress we’ve made.  Once we get it more homey I will take some more pictures for you to see.

Our master bedroom with the bed made and all.

Christie Adams - July 27, 2008 - 8:25 am

Welcome to the Garden State!!!!!

Katie - July 27, 2008 - 9:15 am

Super nice place, Kim! I love the newness of it all – the walls and carpet look sparkling clean. And the natural light is so inviting. The only problem with it is that it’s not in Nashville. 🙁 Best wishes with getting settled! Isn’t it a relief to get rid of boxes?

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