You know the kind of days when you just want to cry and not do anything?

That was yesterday. It was a hard day.

I have many many things to be thankful for and there was no reason for my selfishness. I actually received a card from a high school friend and it hurt. Just plain hurt. I guess I deserved it, but it was a slap in my face. I owned up to my mistakes but I guess it didn’t really matter that much. On top of the crappy day I was having, then getting the letter was just icing on the cake. I have a hard time keeping girl friends. Not sure what it is. Out of the 4 ladies who were in our wedding, I barely speak to 2 of them. I know that after college many times you lose touch, but it just hurts. I feel I’m a good friend, but maybe I’m not. Thankfully I have my husband. He’s the person I lean on and know that I can cry on his shoulder any day. Yesterday he was there for me. He asked me about dinner and that’s when I lost it. I think its carried over to today as well. I hope tomorrow will be better. I hate feeling this down and out about life.

I’m reading Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light for a book club that meets this Sunday. Its a very intense book and it has made me realize how selfish we as Americans are. Can you imagine giving up everything and working with the poorest of the poor? Mother Teresa was pained by all of this, but she continued to do what God asked of her. That, in my opinion, is more than so many of us could ever do in our lifetime. I wish I was that dedicated. I could go and go about my thoughts from this book.

I know I’m rambling on and on about nothing. I know this week will get better – I have three sessions which I’m really excited about. Can’t wait to share them with you all.


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