Summer is Over – Princeton, NJ

Summer is officially over. The pool has closed, college football has started, and this week school starts. I am really sad that the pool has closed – but I took advantage of it the past two days!  Fall is right around the corner, which means that winter is right behind that which brings cold, cold, cold and snow.  I am NOT looking forward to snow at all.  But let’s not rush things!  Anthony’s orientation starts next week.  I think he’s a little apprehensive but excited at the same time.  I know I’m looking forward to it.  I will finally meet people!  Thankfully PTS is awesome when it comes to spouses and families.  They actually want to make your experience enjoyable.  I mean, I’m suppose to be in the class photo (which is just beyond bizarre but whatever!)  They have lots of activities planned for the spouse’s during the week and I hope that we really find some other couples that will be our friends.

We’ve been church hunting since we arrived at the end of July.  I never knew how hard this would be.  Our past two churches (the one we got married in and then the one in Nashville) had incredible choirs, young population, and we just felt at home.  Our expectations have been high, considering the amount of Catholics in this area (I mean there are 5 churches within 15 miles of our home).  We’ve tried out 3 of them, and I think we’re going to settle with St. Paul’s.   There are many reasons, one being its right by campus and it has that younger population (and there’s a school attached), and second is they have a young adult group (which is worth its own post another day – I may be helping out with this more than I was expecting).

We are settling down a little bit and getting into a routine.  I’ve found a few grocery stores I can live with, but I like them for different reasons – none of them will ever amount to Publix.  I think I’ve got a little part-time job working in the Communications department at the seminary.  Hopefully it will get my foot in the door with the faculty and I will feel more apart of Anthony’s school experience (Vanderbilt did nothing for spouse’s and would never help you find a job much less offer a position).

It is officially college football season.  Anthony has waited patiently for 7 months for this day to come.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to watch the first Sooner game verse Chattanooga but we’re ready for the rest of the games.  I will leave you with this picture I took of our beloved Oklahoma Sooners last fall when we played the Miami Hurricanes.


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