Life in Boxes – Our Journey to Princeton, NJ

This is such a small portion of our crazy life right now. Everything we own (basically) is in boxes right now.  Tomorrow morning the moving truck will be here to load it all up.  I have this terrible fear that somethings going to break, they’ll put my precious lamp shades under heavy boxes, it won’t arrive in Princeton on Saturday.  Not that I’m being negative or anything, just concerns.  I’ve tried very hard to keep everything organized (kitchen stuff together, living room, etc.)  So hopefully when they unload it, it will be easy to place where it needs to be.

I really am excited about moving to Princeton, NJ.  Just not looking forward to the 13 hour drive ahead of us on Thursday.  Thankfully my mom and Anthony’s buddy are flying out here tomorrow to drive with us and give us support.  I will be documenting our journey, so check back to see where we stop, our new place, and more.

Maegan Dougherty - July 23, 2008 - 7:41 pm

Best wishes for your move to New Jersey. It’s a wonderful place to live!

-Maegan (Maywood, NJ)

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